Digital Mobile Radio
携帯ラジオの選び方は? May 29,2023.

    Two way radio can be divided into handheld, mobile radio, base station and short wave station, at the same time, two way radio should be used very carefully, many of them are also involved in national security laws and regulations, some distraction can cause illegal events.  Some peple might have some doubts, because it just a radio.

    Several functions of two way radio can not be replaced by telephone. First, it does not require a network base station, can still be used in the middle of nowhere, immediacy and free of charge. Secondly, two way radios can be one-to-many, similar to group conversation, telephones seem to be more one-to-one at present.

Mobile radio

    The station needs to be installed in the car, directly from the car battery power, so it is best to use the radio to keep the vehicle in a state of fire, otherwise desolate, battery will lost power.

    The power of the mobile radio can be maintained at about 25-50W. With high-frequency antenna, the communication distance can usually be about 30km. This is no match for the handheld, which also needs to buy batteries.

So what are the factors that affect the signal?

    Usually in accordance with the height > position > power, signal influence is the biggest height, higher signal farther, no height you need to find a good position without interference, no good position, can only dry split high power.

The necessity of buying a mobille radio.



    さらに、自分のいる場所の高さも電波の受信に大きく影響します。地理的な位置が高いほど、干渉が少なくなり、信号が受信されやすくなります。また、民間航空、運輸、水利保全、鉄道、製造、建設サービス、その他の産業でも一般的に使用されており、工場での長距離スケジューリングや巨大貨物船での無線通話など、通信の効率を向上させ、緊急事態に対処するための迅速な対応能力を向上させます。インストール方法は? 4s ショップに行かずにインストールすることもできます。固定ホスト用のインストルメント パネルを見つけるだけで済みます。次に車のアンテナに線を導き、電源コードを車体のバッテリーに接続します。なお、電源コードを接続する際は、正極と負極はバッテリーの正極と負極に対応している必要があります。インストールプロセス全体は説明書に記載されています。



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